Playing it Safe

All parents want the best for their kids, so planning a birthday party creates that added pressure to ensure the food is good. Catering for a kid’s party can become stressful as you need to consider your little guests and their dietary requirements.  Many parents would normally opt for fast foods which offer kid friendly options such as the Happy Meal by McDonalds or the kid’s meals that KFC and other fast food restaurants offer. We’d encourage you to be a bit bold and experiment with other options when you think of the food. We’ve put together five ideas to remember when catering for the little ones.

Food Options

Look: There is nothing wrong with ordering fast food for a kid’s party. It’s quick, easy and convenient. However, the food is an important aspect of any party and we’d suggest you get creative and mix it up by looking for different, even healthier options. For example, you could try fresh mini fruit tartlets or fruit kebabs from Marks & Spencer, a Tesco luncheon platter and some red velvet cupcakes from Fair Pan Bakery. Add some fresh homemade smoothies, kid friendly drinks and you’re ready to go!  The options are limitless – you can go wild with inspiration. We can assure you that if done right, you’ll have a smashing party!

Finger Food

Kids can really be fussy eaters! But, there are creative ways to ensure kids eat tasty and healthy food, full of flavour and nutrients. Serving finger food provides a lot of benefits in this regard and is the preferred serving option. The potions are more manageable for the little ones, they don’t need to sit down while eating and ordering finger food can be more cost effective too. You can try some yummy foods like spinach calzones, cauliflower nuggets, fruit kebabs or even mini meatballs. That way the food is tasty and it’s a great way to sneak in fruits and veggies. There are many caterers that create stunning, kid friendly platters, such as the caterers listed on Planary!

Portion Control

This may be a topic that is not spoken about often enough, but portion control is crucial to maintaining healthy growth and development. You may ask: What is portion control? “Portion control is understanding how much a serving size of food is and how much calories or how much food energy a serving contains.” It’s imperative that kids eat according to the size and internal hunger to aid proper development. Here’s some guidelines for appropriate portion sizes for kids.

Visual Appeal

Fact: Food that looks good, tastes good. A study which was led by Professor Charles Spence proved that the visual presentation of food effectively makes the food taste better too. So, it’s very important to cater to your audience in this respect. Food that they find appealing will most likely be enjoyed more.  If you’ve got the skills to create visually appealing food, then go ahead. However, if you’re not talented in that department then we’d suggest you hire a professional caterer. Professional caterers can customise your platters to suit your party requirements without all the added pressure of doing it yourself.

What About the Parents?

Kid’s parties are also a great opportunity to have a get together for the parents so we’d suggest you prepare something nice for the adults too. For example, you could serve a meat platter or have a barbecue for the parents. Many forget that some parents accompany their kids to parties and that the kiddie’s menu may not sustain hungry mums and dads. Mix up the menu to cater to everyone that will be there.

Plan for All

A kid’s party doesn’t have to be a sugar-filled, dull, and carb fest celebration. It can be a fun-filled, elegant and stress-free gathering. Make sure to get the head-count of all attending beforehand, in order to plan the event ahead of time. Remember to keep the food fun, playful and interesting as well as appropriate for the target audience – the kids. With these tips, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a good caterer for you little one’s next birthday party.

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