Birthday Party Cake Trends 2017

Here’s the deal: Birthday cakes are possibly ranked as the most important aspect of any party. A lot of attention is paid to the cake as it is one of the most photographed elements of the party. It’s that one thing that your guests will most likely remember. The fantastic thing about the cake is that it can be decorated in so many ways – it’s truly an art form! You can keep your cake simple and elegant, or over the top and imaginative.  Getting started can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve put together a couple of kid’s party cake trends for 2017, with the hope that you’ll find inspiration to bake your own cake or even find a great bakery that can create you a masterpiece. Let’s get started:

The Tiered Cake Trend

This tiered cake trend is gaining popularity in all types of parties. Made popular with wedding cakes, seeing stacked cakes at birthday parties is now a common trend. Tiered cakes can be difficult to make as there’s a lot of technique involved in making sure it does not topple over – one of the key factors to consider is to ensure that each tier is stabilised by using cake boards and dowels. If you’re not the DIY type, then using a professional service like Tier By Tier will get you a custom crafted cake of your dreams! We’ve included below some helpful tips when stacking your cake (if you decide to do in at home).


The Over the Top or “OTT” Trend

This is crazy: Indulging in all things sweet comes to mind when looking this trend. Throw the thought of “less is more” out the window and go with the “more is more” approach. In this case, you can just stack any type of sweets or treats to your cake such as doughnuts, chocolate bars, sweets, cookies, and macarons. Basically, any sweet dessert you can think of. Try creating this masterpiece by looking at cool patterns and designs before you start to stack. If you’re not that brave and would prefer some professional help, you can contact The Family Cake Company which bakes awesome cakes whereby you can customise your own over the top party cake!

The Birthday Cake Buffet Trend

This trend is a great way to go all out for your kid’s next birthday party – making sure that the cake is the centre of attention and the layout is a true work of art when filling up the table. Get your birthday cake buffet on point by including macarons, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, marshmallows and other sweets & treats. Over-achievers will go for a Pinterest worthy look so the challenge is on, do your best! If you’re not that over-ambitious, Sweetie Factory can assist you with all the sweets & treats you need.


The Dripping or Drizzle Trend

The dripping trend, also known as the drizzle trend, has really burst onto the scene over the past couple of years. Essentially, this trend is all about cakes covered with buttercream or frosting, dripping with delicious ingredients such as chocolate, caramel or creamy coloured ganache over the top and down the sides to give it that drippy look. It also enhances the texture and taste of the cake which is hard to resist. Let’s face it, this trend is here to stay. We’ve included a fantastic recipe on how to make a “DIY Drippy Chocolate Cake.”


The Novelty Trend

This trend has been around for a while and remains very popular among the little ones and parents alike.  Novelty cakes are designed to represent and celebrate a special occasion. There are your classic designs such as a gingerbread house or a Superhero character for boys, to Barbie and fairy-themed cakes for girls.  Today, parents and bakers are taking it one step further with elaborate and creative designs. We’d encourage you to really come up with fun ideas when creating novelty cakes for your kids. Marks & Spencer have a great range of novelty birthday cakes for all occasions. Here are some ideas for novelty cakes – we’ve also included a couple of recipes from Lakeland.


Many Cake Choices

To wrap it up, there are many types of birthday cakes to choose from. From the classic novelty to the OTT and extravagant. Be bold and try out a combination of these ideas for added inspiration. Just remember that your cake should be the centrepiece of the catering, the star of the show.

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